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You need to make a profit. We too! Profit is not a bad word – it’s what keeps business going.

We can now start to look at where a fair price should fall. This involves math and some effort to think about our time and your very real costs. You see, we charge the time spent in your project. Why time? Well, time is the only resource you can’t get back, you can’t reclaim, buy or even make ti pass slower.

Our price packages:

Designer OR Coder


Hire top class designer OR developer.

  • get great designer
  • or great developer
  • for a great price

Exclusive offer!



In need for PHP/MySQL programmer?

  • advanced
  • for a great price
  • whatever task

Yes, we can do it for you!



Select any two and hire a pair.

  • work as a team
  • top speed
  • high quality

The most popular!

The Whole Team


Wanna hire the whole staff?

  • established team
  • for a great price
  • and top quality

Let us do all the work!