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Welcome to Creative Mouse

We are small Croatian company with American way of doing business...

We Create Websites by Hand

Web design tools produce websites that are often bloated and slow. We build websites using an in-depth knowledge of HTML, resulting in streamlined sites.

We Follow the Industry Standards

The Web Industry is constantly changing and standards, trends and best practices continually evolve. We keep track of major changes into our practices in response.

We Love and Understand Design

Our work is original. Like most good design work, every website we create aligns to a vertical grid. The results are tighter, cleaner layouts and impeccably presented content.

We’re Full Service Providers.

We can manage your entire web project including the specification, design and programming. Using full service will save you precious time and money.

We use the Most Suitable Technology.

We are in love with open source software. Our core skills center around Ruby on Rails, PHP and jQuery. We also adapt existing solutions where development times are kept to a minimum.

We Optimise our Code.

Our HTML is semantic and CSS streamlined. We optimise and reduce the imagery used in each website by creating sprites, and call upon external files only when they are required.

We’ll bring Knowledge to your Project.

You get more than a website when you hire Creative Mouse. We bring almost 13+ years of web development expertise, experience and research to each client we work with.

We Are Easy to Deal With!

Your website will not be online until you are completely happy with the way it looks and most importantly with how it performs. And most important: If it's not perfect we won't use it.

Create your unique looking website with the fresh and interactive design that we at Creative Mouse offer!